HELLO EVERYONE! on this Belarus Forum

Hello everyone,

Being new on this forum, I think it to be polite to introduce myself. So.....

My name is Ewout, nearly 52 years old and divorced. I have 4 wonderful adult children and live in a small village in The Netherlands. I have been working 27 years as an ICT-specialist/consultant for a large ICT company in Amsterdam. I praticipated in projectteams for major banks/insurance companies as developer/tester/analyst/projectmanager/teamleader doing ECM projects. Interesting and challenging work I have always loved. I speak dutch, english, german, italian and some french. Healthy and young of heart.

My 50 year young girlfriend lives and works happily in Minsk. We have decided to live together, which leaves the question 'where?'. She could give up her job and come to Holland. We have started these procedures so time ago. Likewise I could give up my job and move to Minsk. As I am adventurous (I have lived in Italy and England for years) and would like to meet interesting new people, cultures, views on life and learn new languages (among which russian and belarus), I have decided (and so prefer) to try to go for the 'big move'. Belarus it is.

I have learned through this site most of you have made the jump and started a new live there. Many stories, experiences and invaluable information to share. Thank you for making this all available for everyone through this site.

I am happy to join you all and read, learn and listen. And maybe eventually share my experiences with those who follow me.


Kind greetings,

Welcome to the forum Ewout!

And thanks for the introduction.;)


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