Alright everybody! New in Wien...

Hi guys,

My name's Daniel and I got here about a month ago after over 7 years in the UK (5 in sunny Scotland, 2 in England). I'm originally from Spain by the way (happy to do the "tandem thing" if you're a German speaker by the way!) Moved out here with my girlfriend and wee boy because of her job.

I am currently learning German (3 hours a day, pretty exhausting but hey ho, I kinda like it!) and would love to meet other people who like me have moved over here from other places! I'm pretty fun to be around and a good listener. I live around 12 mins by subway from the city center.

Hobbies and interests... oh well the usual (I'm a pretty normal fella ;-)): music (I'm an avid hard rock/heavy metal fan), movies, travelling, sports, reading, having a nice chat over a cup of coffee/pint of beer...

Anyhoos, if you wanna hang out just drop me a line at denigalor (at)



Hello Daniel.

Welcome to! :)

Thank you for this introduction.

I am sure you'll meet a lot of new people here.

Thank you,

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