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There was a thread on this subject not too long ago but it seems it's closed, but I would love to learn more. 

I have recently signed the contract for Arabian Education and Training Group and have just received my 90 day visa.  I only recently began researching them (not to bright on my part but I needed a job rather quickly so I jumped on the opportunity that seemed to be moving) and I've discovered that they seem to have a dismal reputation.

It's my hope that they have done some things to clean up their act.  Does anybody have first hand knowledge of what it is like to work for them?  Is anybody working for them now?  Thoughts?

At this point is it too late to try and sign on with another company?  I am rather committed to them but not as committed as I would be if I was in Riyadh right now.  Would I be able to sign a new contract with a new company at this point?

Does anybody have good pointers of ways to interact with management so they treat you with more respect while keeping the energy positive?

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You should be able to get specific, recent info about AETG on Dave's ESL Cafe's Saudi jobs forum.

I disagree!

I just finished my probation with  AEATG through English Today Recruitment.
They are excellent. I would gladly recommend all teachers these only 2 companies.
1.    Arabian Education Group
2.    English Today Recruitment


Some teachers give positive comments and some give negative comments about companies.

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