Expat daughter looking for a few friends when visiting, late teens/20s

Hey guys,
my dad lives in Abu Dhabi and I visit throughout the year a lot and was looking for a few friends to hang out with whilst I'm out there

Hello mlillia.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)


Hi mililia let me know when you will be here.

hi i want to be ur friend pls contact me this email bcow95[at]yahoo.com send ur number

@ redrose1: Could you please introduce yourself instead of giving out your email in your very first post ? :rolleyes:


Hi there , I am Zak, here in Dubai , I am working in Aviation industry and would like to know new friends in UAE

Welcome.to.Expat.com abu dhabi...im sure you will enjoy the place.. just post what else you want to know before.hopping in :)

Warm regards,


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well i think this is an old post :) havent noticed the date..  So long and have a nice day guys.. cheers :)



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