Preschool in Mont Kiara

We are thinking about relocating next yr to KL.  We are looking at the Mont Kiara area & was wondering if there any type of Preschools for 4yr olds??  Thanks

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Most of the international schools offer Preschool classes as well as Primary aged classes, otherwise I think it's called Children's House in Seni in Mont Kiara has a very good rep, but also a long waiting list so depending on when you are arriving it might pay to get your child's name onto the waiting list. There is also a preschool situated in the condo Pines ( or could be Palma) sorry they are right next door to each other and I get them mixed up, that also appears to have a very good rep. Good luck!

I sent mine kids to junior champs in Mont kiara they love it to the max to the extent doesn't want to leave the addxchool ...haha.. suggest any expat to try it .

yeah i sent mine there too ,..its amazing ..and not too expensive

try junior champs shoul dbe good

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