Anybody been to Bali or Lombok ?

Would love to talk with anybody about their experience in Bali, visiting for 3 weeks in January ?

How safe you felt medically ?

I know about the pollution, the mosquitoes on Lombok and the water, but if you have ever needed medical services did you feel taken care of and what about the language barrier ? I am going to get really good travelers insurance, but their are only 3 ambulances on the whole island of Bali.

Walking the streets after dark did you feel safe ?

I am a girl and would love a girls opinion but any input would be great ? I haven't traveled very much and not in a long time so, just need some helpful, hopefully positive feedback. Knowledge is power and the more I know the better I feel

                     Thanks,just want to play it on the safe side,

Hi Jerspe & welcome to!

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Bali has an international standard hospital as far as I am aware and doctors and I have heard good things and but have also experienced the worst things (not me to personally but indirectly) due to misdiagnosis and treatment. However, just go to both Bali and Lombok and enjoy the islands.
Bali is great all the time and like anywhere else in the world don't walk alone in the dark if you don't know where you are going, keep your bag closed and keep hold of it firmly and don't get on Motorbikes as your insurance may not cover you if you not wearing a helmet.

However if you can ride and have a licence then do travel by bike and explore. Both islands are amazing, the locals are great and from experience the expats I have met who live on both islands have been friendly and welcoming and always ready to help with advice.

I don't live on Bali but there are many here who will give far more advice, but as I have already said, visit the islands and have a great time.


We got to Bali about 3 weeks ago and are staying for a year if we can apply for social visa. It's our second time here. We came 2 years ago for our honeymoon and fell in love with the island, the peple and all of its atmosphere. This time we went to Seminyak for 1 week. Personally I don't like it. I find it stressing, over populated with tourists and the prices are higher, I understand some people go to Legian, Kuta and Seminyak because of the beaches. Surfing and water sports are great there, and so is night life. We live in Ubud, in the center. That was quite clear for us when we arrived here, we wanted to live there. It's where art and culture is going on in Bali, and in my opinio, where you can really appreciate the beauty of the land, of its ricefields and nature, the landscapes are amazing. Also the fact that's in the center helps when travelling around the island, you can plan daytrips better to visit the north, or go to the beach, which is less than an hour by car.
Girl's opinion...I feel safer in Ubud than in Kuta, Seminyak area. Doesn't mean they┤re bad, just the calmer more relaxed way of driving and the fact that traffic isn't both directions in town helps.
If you're around, contatct us no problem :) we'll be away for 1 week mid January for our visa but that's all.

Hope I could help.


Come to Lombok, I live here, its a great place with no traffic woes. January it will be raining a lot and thunder storms but you can still have a great time in Senggigi.
Lombok has modern medical facilities, the staff and doctors are friendly and helpfull. Do not ride a motor scooter with no helmet and thongs and when drunk might help things a bit.
Pollution, Indo people just throw their rubbish on the ground, its a fact of life. If you can see past that then you will see the beauty of the place. Cover up and use mozzie repellant. Language, you will find lots of locals in Senggigi that speak English. Travel insurance is a good idea.
Senggigi, Gili islands, all places to feel safe after dark.
Sorry I am a bloke so cannot give you a girls view, hey you want some adventure; just go and take it as it comes.

Hi Jerspe,

I live in Bali and have lived here for nearly 6 years.  We have had various medical emergencies (living here with a young family) and have found the medical care very good.

Don't worry too much about the medical/sickness side of things, just enjoy yourself!  There is so much to see and do...

If you need any information, feel free to contact me directly.


Lombok Island is a nice place to be visited. Senggigi with the white beach and Gili Trawangan Island are the exotic place with no pollution in the island. and many more fantastic places in Lombok with traditional culture and natural beauty.

no worry to visit Lombok, it's a sister of bali.


Healthcare facilities there are very good. Been to both and it would be a great experience to explore Bali and Lombok. Transport is easy. You can use the booking company BaliFerry in organizing your travels around these areas. I personally love Lombok though, R&R-wise. I prefer its more laidback atmosphere and less traffic. :D

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