Hi I am married to an albania and we currently live in greece. We are consudering a move to albania but I have never been, any feedback or opinions would be appreciated. His family are in Durres so we would be going there with 2 small children.


Hello purpletiger.

Welcome to! :)

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

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Did you get move to tirana? I am looking for information, if any families live in tirana or not? There is not any info out there that I can find anyway.

Hi purpletiger, I think you will have a great time in Durres. I am from Albania and I live in Kukes but sometimes I go in Durres. There is a great place,u can see the beach, u can go for a walk in the evening couse u can see a beautiful picture of the city. U can find parks for your children, to make them happy. Just dont worry couse u will like living in Durres.

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