Multilingual writers looking to come and make a difference in Cambodia

Hi Everyone,

Nina and I (my name is Marc :)) are currently living in Brussels, Belgium and have decided to move to Cambodia. Nina is a journalist and I currently work in social media.

I would very much like to do volunteer work, or work for an NGO charged with development in Cambodia. I speak French and English perfectly, and have 4 years experience in communications and marketing. Could anyone advise me as to what organisations would hire me? Might I add I am also a happy, kind and funny guy! I also used to be a counsellor in California for juvenile delinquents, and I would very much like to help the community of Phnom Penh by teaching, or helping at schools and such.

Nina speaks French, English, German, and Luxembourgish, and is currently the Staff Editor for one of the biggest expat publications in Europe. She would most likely like to work for an English-written publication or in communications, most likely for the UN. She is also doing an MA in int politics with a focus on development policy and governance. so would be interested in research work as well, possibly on the Cham community.

If this info can help you help us go in the right direction, we would greatly appreciate your help. If you have any questions for us, please e-mail me! faciam[at]

We wish you a wonderful happy new year!



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