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Law7out :

Thank you for your time. I don't know I thought my money would go a lot further down there. So about the only way I figure I might get by is with a roommate.

I have always argued that one can live here cheaper than in the U.S.... BUT if one doesn't pay rent...

Many things are higher cost here, many are lower. But overall it's close to the same. Me, I live on about $1,000 a month but I don't pay rent. That's with a car. If I didn't have to have a car I could live on about $200 a month less (averaging out car insurance, RTV yearly inspection, Marchamo yearly registration, gas and repairs).

However while I live on that amount, I save a few hundred a month for emergency expenses, and to me that's important. I wouldn't want to live without having extra money for emergency expenses. (I do realize that some have to, unfortunately, and I've been there ...)

Yes, finding a roommate might be possible! Even so, my advice is to try to come down and rent here awhile before making a permanent move.

Good luck!

Gin hello my name is Larry I currently live in Las Vegas but want to move to Costa Rica. Can it be done some what comfortable on my income of 1100.00 per month. Any info good or bad would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,Larry

Hi. Cost of living on the Pacific coast is more expensive than inside the country. Breaking expenses for you: good(not great) unfurnished two bedroom house/apartment $380, security deposit $380, food $240 (for two persons), electricity $40, water $23, gasoline $1/liter, cooking gas $15 (25lbs cylinder), 3 Meg internet $34, cable TV and Internet $50, urban bus fare and between close towns $.60 (senior citizens do not pay). So for one or two persons, your budget will do.

Some benefits will only apply to a legal resident of CR and that is including the socialized medical system which you will need to pay a monthly premium of approx. $50+. So, for the Residency application, it will cost you approx $2000 and can take a year or more so in the meantime, you are required to pay 'over the counter' for any medical service and medications.
Personally, I would say your budget will be very tight.

wow MAUR0..  so MUCH $$$ for food for 2 ? What are you eating Chateaubriand with Courvoisier Brandy? ETC
Our bill is a quarter of what you spend ..but then we are not meat eaters so can get at our "Ferria " (Farmers Mkt ( i km from my Lodge) ALL our fruits and veggies for a week for $10 to $15..
Pali an Inexpensive Supermarket ...10 min bus ride away
(There is  one in each village 5 minutes by bus) a very inexpensive. and for more fancy fare we have an "Auto Mercado " for imported and local  food is  just a 10min drive away..Maybe it is because not many Gringos here in Heredia hills... where you live DOES make a difference in prices we are in a very UPSCALE area called  Concepcion de Heredia  (which apparently most Gringos on this site have never heard of  (even though Heredia once was the Capitol )
The few ex pats here get sick and tired of hearing on this site " that only Grecia or Atenas has mild climate " Maybe that is concluded because you are UNAWARE  that other  places  exist in Costa Rica apart from Gringo Gulches
"IF you  tell Costa Ricans from Other areas that we live in Concepcion de . San Rafael de Heredia they sigh and say " OHHH la clima perfecto. "..oh the perfect climate..yes we average 75 deg F. YEAR ROUND . Costa RIcan's THEY will all tell you  WE have the best climate in Costa Rica..JUST SAYING....
and obviously the much lower food costs.

oh I forgot to mention we have here in this location  also lovely furnished apartments with views and great WIFI for $500 per month.. How do  your rentals compare

Playas del coco,  have 2 bedroom  2 bath by beach, 700  long term

We are not ready to move to Costa Rica today, but we visit almost every year for vacation. We like the layed back Caribbean side, but also like the Samara area of the Nicoya peninsula area. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where to investigate next or areas to look at next?

So you are only interested in a beach area (Caribe, Samara...)?
If so I can't really help as I've not been to the beach area in years.
But if you can be more specific about what kind of scene you are looking for, we can probably recommend something to check out...
Meanwhile keep reading the forum and try to zoom in on what area you might like to try.

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