Hi! Boy from Venezuela who would like to study in Vienna


My name is Vicente and I am only 18 years old. I would like to study in Austria because their education is very good and it is really cheap. Education in Venezuela is not very good and not even recognized worldwide and that is the main reason I would like to study overseas. I am not really an expatriate, I am only looking for good education.

This summer I took an internship in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. I was scared (and excited) before coming to Russia. However, the experience was really really nice, even though Russians are considered to be cold. They were really really amazing, I was really surprised. I came back to Venezuela because I was really missing my family and my country. My life in Russia was amazing, but I really missed my dad.

I have been told Vienna got a really high standard of living. If I could fit in so easily in Saint Petersburg, the cultural capital of one of the wildest countries in the world, Austria should be easier. At least, I hope that. If I am going to study there, I will spend 3-4 years of my life living in Austria, it is not only a summer internship. It is a harder decision.

I want to study Romance Studies or Scandinavian Studies in the University of Vienna. What is it like to live in Vienna, considering I am gay boy who really love arts and like to read? What about racism (I am white with auburn hair and hazel eyes)? What about people? And finally, what about nightlife? I want to study, that is my main focus, but I am too young... I have to enjoy too.

Welcome to Expat.com Vicente!

Hope that you'll soon be enlightened.;)


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