Einfach Raus Ticket OBB

Hi all,

I have a plan to travel from Vienna to Hallstatt with my family.
I know there would be some transit from station to station.
I'd like to know :
* Can I use an Einfach Raus Ticket-OBB to that route (Hallstatt)?
* In a small station, I don't think  there's a ticket counter or vending machine to purchase the same Einfach Raus Ticket for going back to Vienna. If I purchase two tickets, 1 to be punched during outbound and another one which I will use for return. Is that OK and valid ?   

Thanks for any valuable responds.



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Hi Kim,
Did you go by yourself or with family? Did you mean these 2 tickets you purchased before is Einfach Raus ticket? Whatever the train style is no matter with us since my children are quite self dependent.. I experienced to bring them last year in my Euro trip and we visited 5 countries during 2 weeks vacation.
Anyway your information is great for me.

Thanks & regards,

Iwan Qurniy

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