How to start a ladies beauty saloon in dubai/sharjah?


I am planning to start a beauty saloon for my wife.
As a feasibility study i would like to have your valuable comments for some of my queries

1. Capital Needed
2. Registration expense if i have a local sponsor (paying him profit/lum sum amount)

3. Expected return

if any one can give me an idea will be highly appreciable

Hello yshakanand[at]

In meantime, you can read this article : Setting up a business in Dubai. ;)

Thank you,

Hello Vyshak

My name is Vishak :)   

Just saw your post. Have you already set up the saloon?

Maybe you could help me then. I have a friend who wants to set up a saloon here. My friend and his wife are tattoo artists.

Is it possible to have a saloon license and add tattooing as an activity on the commercial license?

My friend used to have a licensed tattoo studio here couple of years back when it was possible to have a tattoo license here.

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