News paper names to get Kuwait jobs classified.

Dear Members.
My post may be very common for you all who are currently living in Kuwait.I will be thankful if any one will tell me the list of News papers from where i will get jobs classified.My plan is to contact them directly via email. If there any other option available according to your opinion,please share.

The English Newspapers are "Arab Times" and "Kuwait Times" you can see both of them online or you can just Google Kuwait Jobs and you will also find listings? Hope this helps!

Thank you very much indeed. for Job site i have short listed i) & ii)Gulf talent.I think i have chosen right..

Hello tsen2509,

You could also have a look to our section jobs in Kuwait, you might find some interesting offer.

Best of luck,


thank you very much for your suggestion melissa. The mentioned link does not carry large amount of vacancies. Still i created my application, lets praying for the best.

try another site

ur local times of india hindustan times, deccan derald etc..keep scouting from multi sources...


Splendid!!thank you so much..lets haunt for a job now.:)

Sorry, if i am getting away from the subject.Although its on the same track.

        1)If i want to visit to Kuwait and want to apply for a job,will that be possible in my case,as i am an Indian?
        2)Couple of my friends are working in Kuwait.Will they able to provide visa for me? Or how they can help me on this aspect..

pardon me again, if my post is irrelevant, the same question i had asked my friends who are staying there. But still need an answer from the experts here,in order to enrich the knowledge.

to answer your needs,
1. first we need to know your trade.. not all trades are getting job in kuwait
2. to get visit visa, you need sponsor and your sponsor is able enough to apply for visa
3. the visit visa rules changes from time to time in kuwait.
4. there is no fixed rules for that also, so, your stay & departure depends on that. sometime, they will issue one month and sometime 3 month.

they fixed some level for the individual to be elgible for sponsorship. Also, when you come to kuwait

1. your stay
2. your expenses
3. you need guidance to go any where.. because, it is new to you
4. the time of arrival. because, if u come in summer, the temperature will be very high. near desert temp, which you might not have experienced.
5. your specific health condition, during winter or summer..

so, the various scenario is posted to you.. it is your call now...

dear tsen, long story short:

without a job in Kuwait, you cannot come to Kuwait. u need a bonafide contract to come to Kuwait, unless u were "Western" at which point you can visit Kuwait for a holiday.

your friends here can attempt to help you find a job from here, that is the extent of their aid. they cannot sponsor u. unless you have a family member here, preferably brother, or 1st cousin.

frede555 :

wer the condition in job

Your post is a little confusing and this thread is over 12 months old now so you may not get a reply.

I have been looking for job from India on internet for job in Kuwait. But seems to happen at all.

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