how i can marry a german national?

beppi :

There is no need to register the marriage in Germany.
Only if you want to apply for a visa based on that marriage, you need to submit the certificate, legalized by the German embassy in the USA, together with official translation (and fulfill some other requirements, e.g. language).

The poster's profil shows she is living in the United Arab Emirates - not in the USA.

jhana_28 :

Me and my German boyfriend are thinking where to have our marriage better and faster, in Philippines or Germany? I will live with him in Germany and planning to work there as a teacher also, we want the sooner and less expensive. Which is faster and less hassle in terms of processing, marry here in PH+Family Reunion Visa or just Fiancee Visa+marry in Germany? Right now, I am studying A2 and planning to finish until B2. And then take C1 level in Germany.
Hope to see friendly response and suggestions from you guys😊

Hi Jhana!

I hope you already decided this matter? If not yet, let me share our experience.  I am a Filipina also married to a German national. We got married in the Philippines. Actually, the ease of getting married with a German national depends on which Stadt they are living. Each Stadt have different requirements for getting married here in Germany, which your fiancee must check in advance. There are some documents which you will need from PH which might take some time fpr processsing.. As I mentioned, we got married in the PH but the difference is I already have a residence visa for Germany before we got married cuz we already have a baby. The paper works mostly are on husband's part only. The Embassy of the Philippines required him to have all his documents translated to English for him to get the paper that he will present on Germany Embassy on Manila, to get his legal capacity to marriage. My town hall on requires us the legal capacity to marriage certificate, Cenomar and birth certificates. Also, each townhall in PH also have different requirements if youre getting married with a foreign national.


We visited the standesampt in munster - my fiancé hometown to Inquire about the marriage process in July last year. It took us 8 months  and I’m still not married and in South Africa. Waiting for a family reunion visa. We were awaiting the approval from standesampt - then applied for the family reunion visa which was supposed to arrive within 10 days - as all due diligence was done - we’ll its taken now 2 months more and we have nothing. We provided tons of paperwork and not to mention money spent, calls and emails. It has been the most frustrating experience of our lives. My fiancé is working because we need to make a living and I’m not because I could get acreply any day. We were together for 8 years and left Dubai in 2018 due to my fiancé’s job. We considered Denmark but were told that the process to register our marriage and get a residence visa in Germany would take longer. So we opted for this. We’re both extremely frustrated and embarrassed- family & friends can’t believe what is happening. Any advice will be welcomed. Thank you.

Hi Nina, I would like to ask what are the documents needed or you provide when you get your marriage in Hong Kong.

Hopefully you will reply... Thank you

Fischermercy: You could also ask this on the Hongkong forum - readers there are more likely to know!

Thanks for sharing this info.

is marriage of Philippine and German national in Singapore  got acknowlege by the government of Germany?  hoping for your response.

Due to international treaties (which Singapore, Germany and most other reasonable countries are member of) a legally valid marriage of one country must be recognized by the others.
There are some formalities, though, to get this done: Request a non-laminated copy of the marriage certificate from ROM, get this certified by MfA and then get it legalized by the German embassy before you go to Germany!
(Since the Philippines are an anomaly when it comes to marriage - as divorce is illegal there - I am not sure if they are treaty member and recognize foreign marriages. Ask the authorities there!)

thank you so much for the info

Hi cempaka

Would it be okay we get married in philippines but we will go to city hall in germany to register our marriage?

Thank you

Once you have a recognised marriage certificate from elsewhere, there is no need to register it again in Germany.

Lafilipina :

Hi cempaka

Would it be okay we get married in philippines but we will go to city hall in germany to register our marriage?

Thank you

Like Beppi mentioned, there is no reason or requirement to register a marriage in Germany if it is done elsewhere. But you cannot simply marry, jump on a plane to Germany and immigrate. You have to go to the German consulate or embassy in the Philippines (or where you are currently residing) and apply for a family reunion visa. And they will require multiple documents and requirements including an A1 German exam and of course a certified translation of your marriage certificate. They will also likely have an interview to verify the validity of you relationship; that it is not just on paper. Once you have the visa and arrive in Germany then you need to go to resister where you live.

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I understand that you need help and advice. I think you have had a good amount of advice from great advisors here. But dont you think it’s better to enquire directly at the office responsible for the processing of the papers?

I have the feeling you want to get the papers done the easiest and fastest  possible way. I can tell you, there is no „faster“ way, especially you are talking about Germany. All you have to do is enquire at the proper office and follow the instructions given to you. After all, there’s no getting away with it anyways.


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