Hi there,
I am a British Chinese who came from HK just arrived in Bogota yesterday.. I'd like to know if there is any network for meeting people + finding out more about the essentials of living in Bogota.


Hi Jessica.

I arrived with my girlfriend a couple of months ago. Where abouts are you staying and for how long for?

The best way is by joining, signing up and saying that you're currently based in Bogota. It's an expat network and it has events for expat's in the area where they are based.

There is an InterNations Bogota Get Together on Wednesday 28th at 5:30 pm in Usaquen (a 'localidad' in the north of Bogota)at The Irish Pub.

All the best,

Joe Scott

thanks Scotty, Yes I know about that I was just wondering if there is anything else specifically to Bogota.. Guess I will see you on Wed!

Hey guys!

My name is shounn by the way. I'm planning to go to Bogota next year for USANA. We just opened an office in Bogota last July! hehe

Ping me guys if you are interested! seeyou next year!

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