Crime in Europe

What has been your experience with crime in Europe?
I have been living in Africa, Middle East and Asia for 13 years. Was robbed twice. Once in Harare (left some cash in my bag in the room), Goma (car was broken into, my attache case was taken) and Kampala (house was broken into, with the help of the police guard).
But since shortly, I moved to Rome, and was robbed twice in two months. Once they broke into the house and took what they could get their hands on, and once the GPS was stolen from the car. Most of my friends in Rome had similar experiences.

I used to be really careful when living outside of Europe, until I moved to Dubai which was as safe as... well, as can be. So I got lax. Should clearly change my attitude now I moved to Rome!

What is your experience with crime in Europe?

Sorry to hear that!
Glad never had problems of this kind!

I am happy living in Malta especially because one feels safe walking on the streets even at 4 am! It is amazing but in Gozo (another of the Maltese islands) I have even seen people who leave the keys out.

We have lived in several different countries in Europe.  So far, only had issues with property crime.  For example:
1) Attempted burglary of our house in Budapest. It happened about 2 AM and we were home.  They cracked our window frame when trying to get in and that woke us up.  They fled.
2) Burglary in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  2 AM on a Monday morning.  We were home and these guys were so professional!  In and out and we never heard a peep.  We also have a very alert dog who the police think was drugged.  It could be b/c there had been some strange activity in our yard the previous couple of nights.  We think they were getting to know the dog and then, gave him a ''treat''.  We lost our laptop, wallets and purses.  If I have to be robbed, this would be the way to have it done.
3) No issues in Switzerland, though our neighbors were robbed.
4) None in Portugal yet...but this is where I feel least safe.

In Central Europe and Portugal, it is often the expats who are targets of crime.

I have been fine in Budapest (new part of 8th district) for over two years. No burglary, no robbing and no violence. But I do not spend late nights in the city too often. However, my colleagues flat was visited while they were sleeping.

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