Hi-Interested in info on being an expat EFL teacher in Latin America

HI. My name's Annet Dragavon. I'm a grad student in TESOL at San Francisco State University, on track to graduate in Spring 2013. I'm middle-aged, married and have a 14-year old son. After our son leaves for college, my husband and I plan to live part or full time in a Latin American country. We've traveled to many places in Central and South America and are partial to Peru, Chile and Mexico. With my Master's and several years' experience teaching ESL locally, I hope to secure a position as a teacher trainer to English teachers, or EFL professor. My Spanish is very good.
I'd love to hear from expats in South and Central America regarding their experiences as an expat - living, teaching, challenges, passions -- any information would be appreciated! Comments from other mid-life EFL professionals would be especially welcomed. Thanks for reading this. I look forward to being part of this vibrant community.

Welcome to Expat.com Annet!

Do not hesitate to browse through the South America forum as well as the Central America forum.;)

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Hi Annet,

Thanks for starting this post. I'm an EFL teacher too, been doing it for nearly 10 years now. I live in Ecuador, and Brazil while I travelled and taught English in South America. I've also taught in Australia and Thailand, now I'm settled in Seville, Spain. I got married last year so I'm settled here.

You might be interested in reading my blog Teaching English in a Foreign Land and I've also written a travel book based on my EFL adventures...you can find it on my blog.

So where are you guys heading next?


Greetings, and Happy Holidays.

I am a teacher for 32 years. I am currently working at a public junior high in Anaheim, CA (teaching ESL/ELD).  I am now a very happy individual since I have been offered an early retirement incentive (Golden Handshake).  It is my wish to relocate to Costa Rica and/or Colombia or Argentina (?) and continue teaching ESL/EFL. 
I also hold an MA in TESOL from Cal State Univ., Los Angeles from 1996.  It is my wish to market my experiences and my degrees by teaching in Latin America and travel abroad.
My Spanish is also very good and, given the opportunity, immersion in the language would greatly enhance my need to speak it like a native speaker speaks it!
I'd also like to hear from other expats who currently teach, have retired, and/or study abroad.  Comments from older adults (60's and up) are especially welcomed. 
Have a great Holiday Season (Christmas 2014/New Year's 2015)