Searching a job in new calidonia

hellooo everyone ..
i'm looking forward to find a job online in New Calidonia ..
please anyone can help me with websites to find out jobs vacancies ..i'm a computer engineer,so i need to work in telecom company or any other company with IT section ..
i have 2 years experience in banking field with BLOM bank ..

please help me

Hi rimhatem!

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Have you tried to post an advert in the section Jobs in New Caledonia? It may help.;)


Hi Rimanthem,

The biggest private company here is Cipac in the Telecom field. You can also seek through the OPT, which is the biggest public company here and handles all the Telecom/Internet/Post/Bank system. Be careful though, it can be complicated for a foreigner to work here. Working visa are given only if they are required (locals first...similar to the Australian Immigration's politic).

THANK YOU for helping me :)
here in my country ,all people told me that NEW CALIDONIA is a good place for searching a job and earning money .. but now u tell me that it is hard to have a job .. is it only hard for engineers and telecoms company ?? or in general ??

please i need ur help coz i don't know actually from where i have to begin ...