Giving blood in Riyadh

Does anyone know where I can give blood in Riyadh? I was a donor in Canada and would like to continue to do.



I donated once in Dallah hospital many years back. Am sure all what's needed is a visit to a good hosiptal. They'll take care of the formalities, assessment test etc.

From my experience I would suggest King Fahad or King Faisal Specialist Hospital.

I know in Canada we have blood donor clinics, seems here you just go to the hospital.

Thanks very much.

i donated my blood about 5 times since 2010 4 in sudan
One time in king fahad medical city and it was very good experience

Any govermantal hospital are welcoming this
Also in King Abdulla road near Prince Sultan University there is a remote unit for blood donation

also king saud university has a unit there

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