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I write a blog with my partner (Turkey Baz).
Day to day life, places to see, what to eat and where to eat it, travel

I am new to - and completely new to forums as well for that matter. I'm looking forward to participating in any discussions, helping out where I can and also reading other people's blogs about life in a foreign country.:)

Happy New Year to everyone who has looked at our Fethiye blog since we started it a month ago. And Happy New Year to anyone who hasn't looked at our blog yet!!

And thanks to expatblog for providing a fantastic service to us all!

All the Best

Barry n JayP

Hi All

Just to let you know, I've added an article to about one aspect of transport in Turkey - the intercity bus. Hopefully, it'll be useful to people who want to travel around the country. You can read it in the articles section or link to it here. … y-bus.html

Hi,how easy is it to buy a house in Turkey Liz

Hi Liz, Sorry, Not signed in for a few days.

Buying a house in Turkey is VERY easy - that's why we ended up with one. We decide we wanted it on the Monday and moved in on the Thursday!!

There are no surveys involved - I guess you take the gamble. Basically, you need to make sure you are buying from a reputable builder/agent or honest seller (get a lawyer to make sure they actually own the property they are selling). In our case we bought from a seller and paid a 10% deposit to him. As foreigners, we then  had to wait for (regulation) military clearance for them to make sure the house wasn't in a military area. That came through a few weeks later and then we went to the notary office for our tapu (deeds), signed them with an official translator, paid the previous owner the rest of his money and that was it. We had a friend helping us but if you go through a (reputable) agent, they will walk you through everything.

Which area are you thinking of buying in?

Good luck. x

Hey,your blog looks great,so many good photos in it... Congrulations,keep up the good work...

Thanks Angelus, We like doing the blog. I love to take photos - I'm a complete amateur bit I have so many on my computer so it's nice to make use of them.


Welcome back ralph35. Who are the Eagles?

Unfortunately Ralph, we're in Fethiye, not Izmir. We're good drinkers though. Eagles? Hmmm. There's a band who play in our local bar in Fethiye and they're fantastic. They do some gigs in Izmir so look out for them. Blues Tone. Selcuk is the lead singer and lead guitarist - amazing on guitar.

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