Newbie in forum!

Hallo everyone,

I just found this website yesterday and its fantastic!

My name is Ting and I am originally from Taipei, Taiwan. I have travelled a bit after finishing Uni and now I am living in Wien since last December with my husband. Actually not really a newbie in town but definitely new in this forum! I am looking forward to meet new friends :)

My mother tongue is Chinese Mandarin, and I speak English fluently (my B.A is English literature) plus some Russian/Japanese. Just finished my intensive German A2 course...but still need lots of practice in this language.

I love travelling, and believe hitchhiking is a great way to know local life/people. I have worked two summers at an organic bakery in a little village in north Sweden, and liked there a lot! (I do speak a bit Swedish at that time but almost forgot everything now!)
My biggest interests are cooking and baking, and discovering new cafe/bakery/restaurant!

Currently I am desperately searching for a job, have tried many websites and resources but still doesnt work out : ( I would like to ask if anyone knows any opportunities for a Chinese/English/(some)German speaking person? I am up to do any kinds of job, internship etc... I sincerely appreciate your advices!

Anyways if anyone is up for a coffee, sharing some stories and meeting people, please count me in! :D


Hello Ting.

Welcome to! :)

The Jobs in Vienna section could help. Do not hesitate to post an advert there.

Good luck,

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