Looking for a room from February till July (Erasmus Student)


I'll be an erasmus student in Budapest and I decided that living at an expat's flat can be a good idea.

Information about me:
I'm going to study at IBS. My department is industrial engineering and also business administration as my double major. I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. I'm interested in subtitle translation, bodybuilding, movies&tv series, technology, swimming and cooking. I'm an open-minded, non-smoking, tidy, kind, quiet, clean and decent guy. Believe me :)

What I am looking for:
Districts that are close enough to my university: I, II, III, XII, V, VI, VII
I'll need a room at a reasonable price from the beginning of February till the end of June, in 2013.

If you have a room to rent me, contact me through this e-mail adress: gurhan_han[at]hotmail.com and please give some details about rent(all included), location, conditions etc.  :)

Have a good day,
Gurhan ^^

Hi and welcome to the forum Gurhan !

Maybe you could try posting an advert in the Budapest housing section.
It might help!

Good luck

Thanks! Sorry for posting in this section.

If that wouldn't work out you can still find someone on roommatesbudapest.com
Disclaimer: I am not their affiliate at all, nor did I check or use their service before.
Good luck and be careful with the legal parts!

Google maps says IBS is 11 minutes by tram from the Moszkva ter/Szel Kalman ter subway station on the "M2" line.
So anywhere near the "M2" line is close, anywhere near "M3" is just 2 transfers.

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