Car taken by NCB bank due to pending installment payments, plz help!


I had taken a car on installments from NCB bank (al ahli) in 2010. I have been regularly paying the installments until recently. For the past few months i did not make the payment thinking that i would pay it this month completely,

But to my shock, this morning the recovery team of NCB came and quietly took away my car without informing me. When i came out of the house, the car wasn't there. My neighborer informed that recovery team took it.

What should i do now? I want the car back immediately and all the offices are going to open on Saturday after eid.

Does anyone know where do they keep this car? It must be somewhere in jeddah, some place where they keep recovery cars.

plz help urgently!

Out of curiosity, how many months installments have not been paid? I haard that they don't allow more than 2 installments delayed.

Talk to them on their number 8002440018. Probably they'll give you another number for resolution.

I'm struggling to understand why you are surprised by this move by the bank.

If you borrow money and have the car as the collateral, so that the bank is assured that it will receive the money they leant you - what in the world made you think that you could simply stop/delay making the payment of instalments without contacting the bank and asking if this arrangement could be made with them. I don't think that they are in a position to be able to read your mind, about paying it back in full in this month after however many months of DEFAULTING on a loan.

Also, even if I knew where they kept the cars, I don't think I would personally tell you, as frankly I get the impression from what you wrote that you might be planning to do something a tad bit stupid wrt getting your car back and I don't wish to be an accessory to that.

Call the number given above or wait until Saturday when the bank opens so you can go in and pay the loan arrears and extra fees that will no doubt be levied whilst explaining why you stupidly decided to default on the loan without letting them know.

Hi ,
I understand your frusturation and disbelief since you must be paying your installments regularly since 2010 and NCB should have atleast notified you the deadline before towing your car away.
Call the number given to you above and i hope it goes well with you....

You have contract with NCB bro, any failure to do so the NCB has right and I'm sure delaying the payment is part of the contract and a serious matter too. If you have decided to change something on the agreement the NCB has the right to know. All your question will only be answered by them. Be tough on facing this situation. Good luck Bro. :)

salam, i have a car from riyad bank and my company is in loss and im unable to pay the loan, the bank is going to take the car and after this will there be a problem in case my new sponsor to issue exit re entry for after 6 months or 1 year?

Sir what happen to your car did you take it back aftr settle payment in ncb?thank

Friends, please let me know if the recovery agents pulled the car and the defaulter is not able to pay the installment any more, then what will happen! The car loan will be terminated from the defaulter name or there will be any problem in exit reintry !

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