Hi there! I need some advice/tips on how to prepare before going to Brunei. I intend to stay there for only 5 days. I already have my round trip ticket.

I called the Brunei Embassy today and the rep told me that Filipinos don't need a visa to travel there if it's no more than 14 days. But I asked her if there are some stuff/documents that I need to prepare at the airport and she said I would need some supporting documents like round trip ticket, hotel bookings, letter of invitation.

I already have a round trip ticket and I will book my hotels very soon. I don't have an invitation letter because I don't know anyone there. And I felt a bit worried when the rep on the phone told me that it all depends on the immigration officer if they will let me go or not.

Has anyone experienced not being able to go to Brunei as a tourist because of this?

Are there some documents which will be helpful too?


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bringing an invitation letter is not required. You on tourist visa so no worries as long as you dont over stay by more than 14 days.

talk very casual to immigration officer, there are cases that visitors can be offloaded by immigration officer. They may ask your purpose for visiting brunei

for hotel, you can book at Legallery Suites Hotel, its a budget hotel near airport, with wifi and surrounded by restaurants, eatery, shops, bank, etc., good for back packer> (moderated), immigration may ask where you will stay.

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