so why did you move to beijing?

since i am not there yet i am curious why/how you guys decided to be an expat in beijing?
here are some questions that may help to start the conversation:

what is it about beijing that draw you there?

if you went there for a job, was it what you imagined it to be?

what do you do?

how long have you been in beijing?

how long did it took you to adjust to the beijing life style?

Beijing since Jan 2003 (China 1998).

Was sent by a company for an assignment and stayed.

Adjust to life in Beijing? Piece of cake for me since I moved to Beijing from the China boondocks (think small town Xinjiang and similar)was easy.

so what do you do manlin?

Amongst other things, Destination Services (not just in China)- that's to say normally people pay me to answer the type of questions that I have been answering here for free. :)

Additionally help people connect with the fellow professionals (expats and English speaking Chinese) by organising regular networking industry themed events.

Check the classifieds for events details - I might get into trouble with the Mods here if I too blatantly self promote.

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