So, I'm from England and am currently travelling India. I will arrive in new Caledonia on the 11th of December. I fell for a French girl who will be on the island for Christmas and I'm basically coming for her. As well as to explore obviously. I am going to be in need of help in one form d or another. I haven't any money. Therefore I need to find a job. Or even help people out doing odd jobs etc for some money. I'm not fussy, I will wash dishes or clean cars. Paint or cook.  I am good with my hands and have run both a heating company and a gardening company selling vegetables in the past. I am an actor and love the arts. I am also look for places to stay until I hopefully get myself on my feet. Any advice or help would be amazing. I oh and I do speak some french and am learning more everyday.


Stupid me. I'm going to be in Nouméa.

Hello Nick.

Welcome to! :)

You can try to post an advert in the Jobs in Nouméa section. It could help.

Hope other members will be able to help and advise you.

Thank you,