Book club....

Hi there fellow expats....would any of you be interested in starting a book club, meet every couple of weeks for chats about books and other shared interests...over coffee or a glass of wine?
Email me if interested: victoria_zurakowski[at]

Looking forward to hearing from you all...


Hello Vicky.

Welcome to! :)

That's a great idea!

Maybe you can tell us more about yourself.

Thank you,

Hi thanks for the reply!

I'm from New Zealand and have just moved to Tirana with my husband who is Albanian, I'm working as a teacher at a private high school here!
We've only been here a matter of mths and everything is so new and different and I would really like to meet others.
My husband has opened a new cafe here, called MERCI which is opposite the engineering e diermit university and like me is trying to adjust back to life after being out of Albania for so long.
Interests are varied, reading obviously, hence the original post, writing, travelling, gym, meeting new people, cooking, photography...the list goes on.
Looking forward to your replies and it would be great if we could get a little group going.


Miss Zurakowski from New zeland... I am Micol... I live in Tia with my husband ( polish ) .. I like the idea of books and glass of wine :)

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