LOST CELL PHONE-Blackberry in Shinjuku Station Japan

HI there-
I am visiting a friend in Japan and left my blackberry in a bathroom in the Shinjuku station in Tokyo.  I didn't notice until 30 minutes later when we arrived at Machida. We reported it missing there and tried calling the next day etc. They didn't have anything turned in yet. We had to leave for Kyoto the next morning and couldn't go back to Shinjuku to look for the phone.
Everyone was so optomistic it would be returned so I tried to be optomistic as well. We reported the phone to the police when we returned at a police tation in Tokyo and they took a full report.
Do you suggest any other place I should post this or a forum in Japan or anything where people post lost and found items?
Figured it was worth a shot to ask you.
I wish I was more connected here but I am not.

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