WSL Ving Tsun

Any Wong Shun Leung lineage Ving Tsun (Wing chun) practitioners in Singapore like to meet up for some practice?


happened to come across your post by accident. I am a WSL WC practitioner living in Singapore. I would be interested in meeting up and sharing some of respective experiences casually.
I can meet up weekends or later on weeknights.

Which WSL school did you study under - you can PM me that answer if you prefer. Look forward to hearing from you.

hi i'm wondering if there are still any students of wsl wc? i'm a beginner and i cant find any schools teaching wsl wc.

There is a school teaching a derivative of WSL WC here in Lavender I think.

We are not a school as such, but a bunch of practitioners from advanced to basic level, who meet to train together.

Have you done Wing Chun before?

Hey, I know this is an old post. I'm in Singapore and practiced wsl wing chun for about 6 years. Would love to catch up to practice. Can email me on [link moderated]

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