Finding apartment in or around Valletta starting from January 2013

Hi all,

My name is Ngan. I'm coming to Valletta to do my internship for 6 months from January 2013. I am now searching for an apartment to settle during that time. Do you happen to know any website of real estate agency with apartment for rent with reasonable price? Or someone might be away during that time to hire it out for me....?

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

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Hello Ngan.

Welcome to! :)

You should post an advert in the Housing in Malta section. It can help.

This page can help as well - Real estate agencies in Malta.

Thank you,


I think you and I can discuss sharing a place together if that interests you.

The situation seems the same for me because I plan to leave Spain for Malta around the middle of December and will be studying language but I keep experiencing difficulties finding any trustworthy sites that advertise rooms for rent other than Expat-Blog, TimesofMalta or JustLanded.

My hope was to spend about two hundred a month for something that includes utilities with unlimited High Speed Internet and has a clothes washer. A easy thing to do here in Barcelona when sharing an apartment.

I travelled to Europe from the United States and am a American citizen but have visited several countries in the last few years like CHINA, Holland, etc. The hostels are always a cheap option while trying to find something better but I hope not to need that when trying to make arrangements months in advance of my scheduled flight. My only luggage consists of one bag with clothes and a computer but I prefer not having to worry about anything in a crowded situation ( possibly even dirty ) like a Dorm.

Please write me because I can speak with you on Skype video chat or continue to send messages here if you want to make arrangements and I care less about you being a girl, guy, man, lady, student, hetero, etc.

Sorry but professionalism, respect, security, friendship, comfort and a little bit of tranquility are more important to me.