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If i apply the Dubai Municipality exams refer some person but cancel before the payment paying, but now another one company is best to my choice so can i cancel that previous selection and apply a new one. If yes how many days take to new approval

I have read a number of questions about the municipality exams but could not get the response to the questions. I dearly need to have an information as I am preparing for a structural engineering exam. Can any one share me materials....nature of the exam and if possible sample questions/exams.

Thank you very much.

Did you get any reply for your message please!

can i know the details for civil engineer exam questions can you please tell me what about your opinion ?

hello my friend I am trying to apply for dubai municipality also, so i will appreciated if you got some sample question for the exam

please if you got some questions for test tell me i will be more than appreciated

I am going to write Civil Engineer qualifying exam for General Maintenance company conducting by Dubai Municipality.If some one knows any details regarding how is the test and what are the questions supposed to ask,please answer me .

engrwaqar :

Plz send me g+4 all notes of dubai municipality exam

Hi brother
Can you send me the exam of g+4 so worry to fail and appreciating your effort much .

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what type of question are given in the DUBAI MUNICIPALITY test?

kindly help me

Have you already taken the exam sir? Do you have any materials?

Hi Guys,
I am a G+4 DM Qualified Structural Engineer and would like to post information regarding DM Tests for G+1 & G+4 qualifications.

For G+1: Questions are generally asked regarding low-rise steel structures, both PEB Built-up and Hot-rolled. Theory about steel material, Yield strengths, grade of steel, grade of bolts, grade of bracing rods etc. For e.g, What's the yield strength of Grade 50 steel. Answer is, 50 Ksi or 345 Mpa. Preparation should be dome about material strengths, properties etc. Secondly, the examiner will draw a beam / frame with certain loading and ask to make SFD & BMD. Also, column to beam connection detail, beam to beam, moment and base plate connections etc. Design of bearing connection / shear connection could also be asked based on AISC ASD.

For G+4: Preparation should be done thoroughly, mainly for conrete design on the following topics.
BS 8110-1997 based design of Strap beam footing, concrete beam, one way slab, hourdi slab, flat slab with punching shear calculation, ribbed slab, pile cap, footing with bi-axial bending / eccentric footing and combined footing. All theory related to column (slenderness, short column design, slender column design procedure only) should be studied. Also, calculation checks for sliding & overturning in retaining walls.
Detailing of beam-column junction, raft foundation, pile-cap, footings, beam, staircase, lift pit in raft foundation etc. Also, general concrete related questions like grade of concrete, min. reinforcement, aggregate, W/C ratio, lap & anchorage lengths etc. All based on BS 8110-1997 (Chapter 3).
Shear Force Diagram (SFD) and Bending Moment Diagram (BMD) will surely be asked for a beam and a frame. Finally, general understanding questions related to sizing of structures will be asked. For example, what will be the ideal slab type for a room 10m x 12m in size?

In rare cases, UBC 1997 (Seismic Chapter 16) based questions could also be asked, like definitions, structural systems, irregularities, etc. and ASCE 7-05 (Wind section) have been asked (as heard from other G+4 engineers).

Both the above tests could either be Viva+Written or only written.

I hope this helps the future engineers appearing for G+1 or G+4 exams at DM.

Good Luck!

To khorasany

Wow, thank you for the info sir, do you have any materials/reviewer for this?

Mostly u need R.C.C and foundation design text books. For BS 8110-1997 and UBC 1997, free PDF copies are available on the net. Just google :-)

What are the test questions for Ras Al Khaima civil engineering municipality?

plz help me in municipity test ?

Have you done your municipality exams?


please post the questions, if possible.

I need a municipality  civil engineer questions demo

Can anyone guide me to apply for dubai municipality examination...and please give me copy of previous g+1 exam.thank you so much...

need some help for dm exam for civil engineering for G+1

yes pls help me .....

me too
did you get any help ??
pls share with me

To apply for DM exam 3 years experience  is needed.

Hi all,
I am going to write DM exam...I am in husband visa...Did i want to change my visa to company visa ?Is it must?or I can get NOC from my husband for work permit is enough?

what type of questions in written and oral are asked in the municipality exams

i will gonna take my DM exam for G+12 site engineer next week. can any one help me for some possible question will come..?? i really need it now.. thank you..



Please, I had the Dubai Municipality exam G+1 with my previous company in 2016 but now, I am working with another company. What are the procedures to get my accreditation valid with my present company?
Do I actually need to sit for another exams under my new company trade license?

I am going to write a Civil Engineer qualifying exam for Demolition and debris conducting by Dubai Municipality. If someone knows any details regarding how is the test and what are the questions supposed to ask, please answer me ***

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