Interning in Beijing or Shanghai...Job searching after! How to?

I am an 23 year old male American student, taking an internship in June or July of 2010 for three months. After the internship is over, I hope to secure a job (any job at this point), and was wondering how and where to do this..
If anyone has any suggestions, and/or ideas it would be much appreciated!!

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you should have a look to the China expat guide, it might help :)

Jfears hi,

as a rule of thumb if you want a job with a generous expat package then you need to find it whilst you are out of China. Once you are in China normally the best deal that you can expect is as a locally hired foreigner.

From the moment you arrive in Beijing actively participate in various activities so that people will know you exist. You might be the most talented person in the world and have the best ever degree but if people do not know you it is useless.

As an American get involved with AmCham's (American Chamber of Commerce)events, especially its Social and Young Professional events. Additionally, in order to cast a larger net join the networking events organnised by the FC Club (Fortune Connection Club) in Beijing. They hold monthly Career Development - Headhunter Social Networking Evenings on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. These are not job fairs but an opportunity to meet with HR personnel, Headhunters and Executive Search companies.

Good Luck

I think that for you that are native speaker it's much more easy to find a job as a English teacher even for 10-12.000yuan a month or more that is very good for China. It depends a lot on where you are going, which city.
In big cities such as Beijing or Shanghai is eay to find a job like that...or else, if you wanna try something else, look at chinaexpats or shanghaiexpats..many cities have one...if you are lucky and have a good cv you can even find good jobs in some other fields.
Good luck

I suggest u go find a job as a english teacher frist, because your mother language is english ,this is ur advantage

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