2 Muslim Foreigners Marrying in Malaysia

I am md shamim i am from Bangladesh and i am muslim.i work in Malaysia under a company.my gf is malaysian local so we want to married now. What we do now . Please give me some advice
Thank you

Hi depends where she is from  as Malaysia is made of many states and she needs to see the religious officer of her home town. They have a long long list of things to do including the marriage course you have to attend, a letter from your embassy saying you are not married, proof you are a Muslim etc. Its all there to find quite easily.

The only issue is if you have a Foreign Worker temporary employment employment pass. There are some restrictions to marrying in some Malaysian States. There include having to leave  the country and even a cooling off period of 3 months. You need to check with the local religious department. I think Selangor is the toughest State but others accommodate marriages as long as all the paperwork is completed.

Hello dear me and the man I married we 're both foreign we get married in malaysia and we want get divorce now how we can do ?

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