Residency and the EU

Just a wee update for those seeking residency and the trouble that Malta appears to be in - hot off the press today

sent to me this afternoon

After consultation with the responsible Commission department (the Directorate-general for Justice) we would like to inform you that the European Commission decided 27 September 2012 to send a letter of formal notice to Malta for incorrect application of the free movement Directive.

To benefit from reduced water and electricity tariffs, EU citizens residing in Malta need to submit specific residence documents – other means for proving their residence are not accepted by the MT authorities. By contrast, Maltese citizens need only to submit a copy of their identity card (and no proof of residence).

This discriminatory treatment is not in line with EU law and creates an unacceptable obstacle to exercising the right to free movement and residence. We thus take action to ensure that EU citizens are able to fully enjoy their rights.

Please consult the Commission decision at the following Commission website: … 927.htm#mt

Hi toon,

thanks for the update. Of course we are a long way from any definite decision as the 'letter of formal notice' only means :

The letter of formal notice represents the first stage in the pre-litigation procedure, during which the Commission requests a Member State to submit its observations on an identified problem regarding the application of EU law within a given time limit.

That means that Malta can take its time to explain their position on this issue. And then comes the next step -)))


yep am sure you are right Ricky - smoke and mirrors and a dearth of excuses and long winded correspondence to slow down the rate of drop in income..........typical

By contrast, Maltese citizens need only to submit a copy of their identity card (and no proof of residence)

I suspect malta will claim the id card issued to Maltese citizen is proof of residency as those not resident aren't entitled to it.

totally agree GnG...please please please stop making me agree with you - LOL but seriously i think it will simply be yet another delaying tactic in order not to accept their responsibilty to be EUropean and accept other EU nationals as equals in terms of the utility tariffs levied. The excuses are running out and they will be proven in the long term to be WRONG.