I want to live and retire in Cambodia

They're talking about changing the visa regulations here, but so far haven't done anything about it. You can come in on a short term visa. Then you'll need to cross the border into Thailand to get your first longer term visa (unless they've changed the rules). After that, you can renew it in Cambodia. I just got a year's visa for $295 just last week. All I had to do was take it to a trusted travel agent and they handled everything. It's my 9th. I just had to go to Tratt for a day to get my first one. When they change the regulations, you'll have a choice between a retirement visa or a business visa. No one's sure how it will work yet or when they'll make the change.

hi, we have sold our house and moving to pp, we wish to live there , do we do that by, getting a one month visa , then befor it expires, we come back ask for a business  visa 3 months, then befor that expires renew  with a one year business visa. please advise

hello all.. I have been reading all your comments..lot of mixed feelings..I have been to Cambodia and all i have done is rock up at airport and get an ordinary visa ( business visa ) then have it extended when need to.. no problems or questions..  I am returning in Feb 2018 and will rent a appartment..have been looking at the home section on this site..been very helpful..I will then stay long term..

"There is no retirement visa for Cambodia."

That's strange; I happen to have one.  The above false statement is probably very old, but misinformed in any case.

The retirement Extension of Stay (EOS) has been introduced in September 2016.

You enter with either a tourist (T) or Ordinary (E) visa, both valid for 30 days. Tourist visa can be extended for another 30 days, one time only.

Ordinary (E) visa can be extended within 30 days, for either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The change per October 2017 is mainly on this E EOS, no more easy Business extensions.

Business EOS (EB) without documents for 1 and 3 months (single entry), and with letter of employer for the EOS of 6 and 12 months (multiple entry).

Retirement EOS without documents for people 55 years and older, for under 55 proof of retirement and monthly payments needed.

For people searching for a job there is the EG (General) EOS, for max. 6 months, without documents. If after 6 months there is no employment one has to leave the country (but can come back).

For people studying there is the ES (student) EOS, max. one year, multiple entry, letter of a recognized institute needed.

Hope this makes things clear.

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Retirement Visa for Cambodia is now available to those over 55 years old, 6 months costs about US$180, one year about US$315 depending on which Agent you use too apply.
Enter Cambodia, by plane, apply for "B" Visa, sometimes known as Ordinary Visa, but just NOT tourist Visa, costs US$35 at the Airport, two photos and $35 Cash, good bills, no old ones, this Visa is good for 30 days, two weeks before it expires find an Agent to do your retirement Visa, also two photos, sometimes one photo, Passport valid for at least 6 Months.
March 9th 2018

I don't know why you post this after I have explained all in December last year. On top your post is full of errors.

1. Retirement extension of stay, not visa as you mention, is for people 55 and older. without the need to prove the retirement status, and for people under 55 after proof has been provided of their retirement and monthly money coming in.

2. One year costs $290, not $315 as you stated. Six months is $160, not $180 as you stated.

3. It needs one photo for visa or extension, not two.

4. The Ordinary visa is a E visa, not B, (B visa is for official NGO workers).

I wish you would have not posted this confusing wrong information, would have saved me some time.


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Hey Joe,(where ya goin with that gun your hand) I have a retirement Visa and the costs were a variable depending on what agent the person uses, if they are in PP or Snooky, or Siem Reap or BTB, and I was unsure if it was one or two photos,always best to go with the two rather than be short changed.
I am well over 55 mate.

I got the impression that SR agents are the most expensive.

That you are over 55 does not mean that a retirement extension of stay is only for people over 55, as I have explained.

One photo it is.




Also ask for the ER EOS a day after and not two weeks before as Andrew says !

The law says that we can apply 35 days before the expire date. So, do that ASAP !


You are right Marcelo. I have noticed that people think the extension will be stamped and dated on teh day it is processed. But it is a fact that Immigration stamps an dates from the date of expiry, so you never lose any days by applying early.

I always apply a month before expiry date, never a problem, passport back within a week.



Hi Joe,

Same as I’m actually doing, applied for annual visa just the day after the 30 days one. Passeport back with one year EB in only five days (Licence and Tax inscriptions were ready on my side).


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