Starting work in CiXi North of Shanghai (in a few months).
Any friendly people want to help an American?
Was in Pinggu, Beijing last year until May.
Any advice or potential friends want to chat, feel free!!

Hey there,  are you still in Cixi? or do you know any expat in the town? There is no foreigner teacher  in the school I am working, I couldn't possibly meet any  in the street. I was wondering if I could meet any expat  in the town. I am so bored of talking myself :)) What is worse is there is not even a Chinese around me  who can speak English.

I am in Cixi, working here, From the UK, be happy to meet up!

Cool, then see you soon

Hi! I am planning to move to Cixi in about one month and work there. Can anybody give me information about the town? Is there any expat?


Are you still in Cixi?

You are lucky and now there are more and more expats there in Cixi compared with before.
As I go to CIxi usually in Chinese spring festival, Qinming (Tomb sweeping) festival every year
while my wife is more often as She is a real CIXI lady. Haha

Hi I will be moving to Cixi soon! Can you tell me what it’s like?

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