i would like some advice if at all possible please

hi,i'm currently considering moving over to russia from england.just over a year and a half ago i met a lady online through a messenger programme and through this time our friendship has blossomed into more than that,so much so that we are very sure that we are for each other...there are a lot of factors that i can't discuss on this public forum...i know that a lot of people reading this may well have alarm bells ringing in there heads as this may well sound like a strange story (ie. a con,money grabbing etc from her part) but i can fully assure that,that is not the case.although our story is a very complicated one it also is a very beautifull one as for once in my life i have actually found a real and proper lady,which in my opinion is extremely rare,if not impossible to find in the uk..what im really asking is,has anyone moved there for love?i would like to hear people that may well help/discuss with me what i have typed.
thanks in advance and i look foward to hearing from you.

msn would help,as i use mobile phone for internet,which is fine,but it also only gives me 1024 characters per msg-if u could email me i will gladly give you my msn addy.thanks

I'm an American who has been living in Moscow for the last six years, I can tell you all about the visa process and getting residence.  Take  a look at my blog if your interested or you can pm me and I'll give you my email address.  http://jondayres.blogspot.com/

Hi bossman1,

maybe you could explain how to get a visa and residence in Russia in the participative expat in Russia guide?

That would be really, really useful :)

Dear "scotsmale", I found your message while looking through the forum.  And I would just like to help you to make the right descision that you wouldn`t regret in future about.I am a wife of an ex-pate. and we are living temporary in Russia. I have also many friends and there are expates among them too. Russia is a difficult country for us, Russians. But for the expates who are used to an absolutely another quality and way of life its much more difficult. I dont know anyone from my friends who could imagine to live in Russia the whole life. Even me myself, every time I come back to Russia its a real stress for me to see all this mess again (in this country Government administration makes everything against a person whereas in Europe etc. FOR and IN FAVOUR of a person). So its up to you, but may be it could be better to try to live here first and to work here for a year or so just to feel it how it goes with you if at all. I hope I could help somehow. Good luck to you!

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