US expat Moving to Bogota?

Even though you didn't address your question to me, I'll provide my insight. I am sure JRC410 will answer too.

If your Colombian wife has a regular job, or is self employed, she already has an EPS since it is mandatory for every employee. The employer is funding the major part of the cost, and leaves about a 1/3rd to the employee (of course self employed are supporting 100% of the cost).

If your wife doesn't have a regular job, she still can have the EPS, but on a voluntary basis.
Employees and people getting EPS on a voluntary basis use what's called "contributive EPS" (regimen contributivo).

And then you have the poorest ones, who beneficiate from what's called the SISBEN (you are officially identified as being eligible for State welfare), and these people beneficiate from the "subsidized EPS" (regimen subsidiado).

In any case,people can choose their EPS. There are several companies providing the service, with common coverage rules. Still, some are better than others.
This link provides a ranking of the best EPS.

You wife probably do not beneficiate from the subsidized system (if she does, she was a in terrible financial and social situation before you met), but since you are asking, she is probably not working (otherwise she would have healthcare already).

The best contributive EPS is SURA. You may give them a call or contact them through their website
Keep in mind that it is easier if SHE is getting registered and is adding YOU to her contract than the other way round.  There is a requirement to list your pre-existing conditions but they can't exclude them from standard coverage (it may increase the price).

This will be for standard health coverage.
Now, if you want a better coverage (no copay, priority access to practitioners...), you may want to get either what Colombians name "medicina prepagada", private but regulated health plans, or medical insurrances, that are not regulated. Among the medical insurrances, you will find the best options for health coverage, with free access to any doctor and hospital (whereas with EPS and medicina prepadaga, you need to stay within the health network of your EPS provider).

I hope this has been helpful.


Thank you very much.  You answered all my questions!

Hi Dieselgirl
why do you say that the Montessori school should not be considered? In previous messages you said that your daughter was very happy with the school


Why do you say that Montessori School was so bad? I was reading that you said that your daughter was in the Montessori school and was fine. What happened then? How is the quality in the English lenguaje?

In the other hand, how were your experience in the Gran Bretaña School?

Thanks for your consideration. Is importan for me, since my son star class in august

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