Really need freinds and jobs


My name is Kate.I come from Thailand.Currently, I am moving to Chennai soon as i have to follow my husband who is japanese and working in Chennai now.

I really would like to make freind and get some jobs there.Can anyone recommend some jobs related to sales and marketing ? I have workinng experiences in sales and marketing fields for MNC in thailand. You can refer to my linkedin detail by searching nuntika saengkaew

Also, I would like to make friend especially female.



y only female frns u can get good male frn either :P just kidding lol by the way ur welcome to india -chennai and as far the job is concerned u can register in the following sites etc and may help u
more over since ur husband is here workin he may know ppl how can help u for a work and marketing is good i hve been called for some company like bosch india so choose companies like tht to enjoy the work and the knowledge u get is immense and hope u love ur stay at chennai cheersss!!!!!

The Booo

Hi Kate,

Welcome to chennai, hope you are feeling chennai good as your home town.


Kominichiva nuntika...

This is Raj from Chennai...Welcome to INdia...Have u visited Pondicherry , A coastal frence colony near chennai. I am also in sales and marketing for a Japanese MNC

If not visit for sure to have an european feel..



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Hi, right now the chennai job market is through a high recession phase though not spelt out explicitly. There are quite a lot of job cuts expected in the next 2 quarters.I you aspire a job in marketing and sales can you kindly specify on what domain. The spread of marketing and sales are very large in chennai. It can vary from a very basic daily pay on contract basis to a remarkably large sales %. It depends on where and what do you want to market and sell. If you can be precise I can try and find some direction or help.