Asian Food/Grocery Stores in Lodz?


Does anyone know if there are any Asian Food/Grocery stores (i.e. Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, etc) in Lodz or any nearby cities/towns? I have tried Real and Alma, but there selection is very limited.

I've heard that there are a few in Warsaw, but I would prefer not having to travel 2 hours for grocery.

Many thanks.

Some Indian vegetables and spices are available from Indians who bring regularly Indian food products to Indian textile shops in Rzgow (on Saturdays). Two weeks ago bought from them chili, lady's fingers etc.

Otherwise, the selection of Asian food is quite limited in Lodz.
The only other options are Alma and Kuchnie Swiata in Manufaktura.

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Hope to hear from you.


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Yes,There is an Indian shop that I know in Pabianice Called Desi Polska. They have all Indian products and they also have an online shop called from which I order alot and they deliver in Łódź for free and have the best prices for Indian food as well

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