5 good reasons for living in Azerbaijan


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Azerbaijan, what would be your top 5?

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Hello Anubha

Welcome to Baku. I have been here since Nov 2012 and yes indeed Baku is a lovely city and people are very friendly. Are you with your family? Be in touch


only one - weather

Hi Tutor,

I got offer from baku. what was the expenses for living a bachlor status & security level & which area is better for living in baku. Briefly explain me about the food and accomdation expenses also. please help and drop me at bonala.nagesh[at]gmail.com


hi, i am living in baku for last 25 days. Azeri people are so friendy.

Hello ,
We're à  french  ( 2 children of 9 and 12 years old) of 4 living in réunionisland. We havé got an opportunity to live in Bakou . This Town seems to be very pleasant. However i ask myself about racism! Because my husband is french and i comming from west africa. How is Life overthere for à mixed colorée family??
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There are more and more black people in Baku for last couple of years. Although they would get relatively more attention, this is due to positive interest rather than racism :)

Baku is very safe and full of friendly people, but as everywhere you should take care of your personal safety with common sense and behave properly to avoid any problems.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions...

Before coming here i heard a lot of  about Baku but after coming I find things below
1)People are not friendly.
2)people are narrow minded.
3)Girls are so much Moody.
4)language problem.
5) no work facility for forigner.
Much more problems available here
I am ready to move from here.
I wish they will change their attitudes in future.

Hello Rahul,
I just saw posts about how foreigners describe Life in Baku and local ppl.
I lived 6 years in Dhaka/Bangladesh and currently  in Europe. I could  also say  so much negativity about Bangladesh  life but first we try to introduce positive sides of the country .
I do not know how you made all points about Azerbaijan , I do not agree with most of them  considering I lived overseas for many years and have seen the World...
Moody girls ... I call it picky and clever . Yes , azeri females aren't  easy going (quality ones) and  don't jump on every man, it's by culture and woman's  pride.
Not friendly , define friendliness ... In Dhaka  and overall Bangladesh impossible to walk free,  in crowded public places ppl  tend to touch you by curiosity and despite Islamic culture women aren't always safe outside  , others just trying to grab something to steal . But I still  find Bangladeshi  ppl friendly despite cheating interest on foreigners is high.
Lack of language ? Azerbaijan was Russians colony, not English ! However I think ppl posses more than one language and most of locals have high education.
Ppl narrow mind.., here is more complex  to explain why . Azerbaijan is tiny population and they don't emigrate as  much as Indians , Chinese and Bangladeshi , so exchange of culture and customs between different countries here  is much less compare other nations. Locals not so much into foreigners ,they mind only their family life and friends, not much open to foreign culture which is part of culture too . The only sad part I can point out of Azerbaijanis , in recent years new rich ppl become  so selfish and do not care of others than themselves, their poor attitude spoils image and reputation of the country, and that I really wish  this changes to better. I still believe in good future of Azerbaijan , ppl aren't desperate as in Africa and some Asian countries.
Overall I find Azerbaijan most safe country and ppl are still very friendly. Just try to live in Africa , you will see where the  Tough World is.
However I thank your for  your  openness in posting   sincere view about Azerbaijan , hopefully ppl read  and it reflects them  in positive way.
Being  international and multicultural  is one of best qualities I admire  in every person.


Hi rebel1,
Firstly thanks for your big article.
I know my oppenion was a nagetive role.that not means for inconvenience the peoples. It was my expression only.this is an internal silly points I know.
There are a lot of positive things I agree with you. But this country near to modern community that's why I am expecting more things from here.
I wish it's will be good enough if I find a good development for thinking about
It's a developing country so we expect many things from the peoples of Azerbaijan to shows their country on the top level...

First of all Azerbaijan is a safe place.Nobody cares if you are white,black,jewish ,muslim,cristian or even atheist.More than 100 years jews and muslims live in peace together.One of the national heroes of Azerbaijan is Jewish Albert.You can never see it in any other Muslim country.

For femalea you dont have to cover your head,hair.

For drinking alcohol.No restrictions.

Especially for Africans.President of Angola had his university degree in Baku.Azerbaijan knows black people very well.Nobody says oh look black.

Hi all,
It's safe for living.
Enjoyable night life.
Hard currency..
Beautiful places.
Girls are modern..

Its me from Bangladesh.  I wanna come Baku for job as soon as possible. Pls let me know is it adjusted country for foreign!

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