Attorney to Handle Pensionada or Friendly Countries Visa

Can someone recommend an attorney in Panama who handled their own visa satisfactorily?  Also can you share the cost for the pensionada visa?  I am coming  mid-late October and would like to speak with someone while I'm there.


Jo Ana

Hi Joanastarr,

I haven't gone through the pensionado process myself, but I know an attorney who handles that and all other immigration issues (getting a driver's license, getting married here, etc). She's a really nice lady and the company I work for always recommends her. She speaks at all of the conferences and stuff like that. Here name is Rainelda Mata Kelly. This is her website: I have no idea what her charges are, but I know she's one of the best in the business. Good luck.

I answer questions on here as often as possible (sadly not often enough). If you want to read more about simple every day life here (in Panama), check out my blog at Hopefully I'm able to provide you with useful info. 


never heard of anyone doing their own pensianado 17 years ago i paid 650 ,, my wife did help me get my cedula last year with out an attorney but you have to be here 5 years or married to a panamnian to do that

i would not go near her ,, a friend og mine used her and he left the country because of her in a land deal ,, so you need to check her out with others before you take this recommendation

You are correct. You are not allowed to do the Pensionado on your own. But you are allowed to get your cedula after the fact as you say.


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