Am I eligible?

Hi All, I'm from pakistan planning to move to Austria, I did DAE in Information technology having 4 years of experience. Can anyone guide me that am I eligible? or what is job ratio in IT?

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Hi Mohsin

RedWhiteRed card depends is issued under two categories...
skilled worker
& highly skilled worker....
If you are working in IT accept visa the company you are working should be globally recognized.. And it is points based you should know German language ...
So check all the details in … rkers.html

I have already did researched & I fall in Skilled workers in shortage occupation. I'm from Karachi, Pakistan & i have ask to a consultant & as per him I have to do IELTS then i will be eligible. Can you please confirm me that if I m from pakistan or non EU countries so am i eligile for for this?
My 2nd question is that I did DAE having 4 years of experience so m i eligible?
What Documents are required for this?

Why don't you contact the nearest Austrian Embassy as they will be able to advice you too.
Naturally, also follow up info provided on the migration pages available via the website
All the info you should need is there

Hi Moshin

The visa is for non-eu group or third world countries .(who not participated in cold war) So in that case you will be eligible...
I think only getting a accomidation in austria will be  problem to you...

Thanks for your suggestion guys, I think this will help me.

If you really want to relocate to austria.. Try as a Student.
Most universities are free for Studies .... It will be better option ......In mean to time If you can acquire a job.. It will be best thing to happen
All the Best

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