Procedure to get Tenancy agreement in norway.


I would like to know what is the procedure to get "Tenancy agreement from Landlord/apparment owner in Norway"

Once a person arrives in oslo or anyother city in norway. As per the ad in hybel or finn can he straight away get into an agreement of a flat etc as per his choice or any other formalities need to be completed prior to signing an agreement etc.

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These articles on Accommodation in Norway may help. :)

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first and foremost, you need your norwegian ID- which you can achieve in atleast 10 days after u enter norway and you register yourself with the tax administration.

next is to get a bank account. ( u cannot have anything without the nor id. )

then search for a place to stay, and most of the time they would need deposit money of 3 months.

You need to open a deposit account with the landlord( this account cannont be accessed at any point by anyone without each others consent)

and then you can move in.

So prepare to have enuf money. Oslo s expensive.

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Thanks a lot at last I got the procedure from you to get tenancy agreement etc.

I am from India,and want to visit Norway on job seeker visa for 6 months, I am in need of the flat/house for 6 months for my stay on shareing system. I am in need of the house rent/lease agreement from any party from the norway. in order to present this agreement with my file in embassy new delhi.
from nimesh m.patel

hello can any one provide me a rental/ lease agreement for my sixmonth sstay in Norway oslo . Kindly mail me if you can provide me any accomodation for rent or lease to
[email protected]

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I suggest you take a look to our housing section: housing in Oslo.

If you have any other questions you are welcome to start a new thread on forum Oslo.


   My application for a job seekers visa in Norway is on going, There is one requirement that I need to submit and that is a tenancy agreement. How will I go about that? So once I enter into an agreement like let say a six month stay, do I need to pay the rental in full amount at once? Please advise.
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fyi glendacanlas, the immigration directorate has announced they have closed the option for skilled jobseeker visa: … obseekers/

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