Where to buy plastic sheets for glass packing in Riyadh

Hello All,
I need help in finding the plastic sheet/roll which has small bubbles in it to pack glass ware so that it can be safely sent abroad. Please help me where can I find it.



Buying plastics is very easy .If you go to Sanaya Qadeem (Old industrial Area)there are many shops and stores here for plastics.If you ask any one where are big stores for vehicles spare prts  or ask to a taxi driver all they know very well++

go to senaya along the rail road, there are many shops selling those kind of stuff. Also you can call one of those packiging companies and they will guid you.

And one more option, you can ask Fedex or Aramex for advise where to get those sheets as they use it frequently.

Best luck

for glass packing.. you need bubble wrap from SACO.

Locate your local SACO store here

good luck

Is it available in SACO?

Thanks all. I got it in SACO.

SACO is best, you can easily get bubble wrap from thr.

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