moving to seyhelles

i am moving to the seychelles in the next few months and am looking to meet and speak with people who can give me info on what it will be like.

Hello sjleitner.

Welcome to! :)

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

First time moving to the Seychelles?

Thank you,

yes, first time. excited and nervous. what is it like to live on praslin?

Hi sjleitner!

I live on Mahe (my mum is Seychellois).  My friends and I actually go to Praslin when we need that 'island vacation' getaway! I absolutely love Praslin, but if you're moving from a big city or a big town, adaptation might be very, very difficult.

It's a quiet place, there isn't a lot of things to do.  During weekdays, stores close VERY early...sometimes even by 6pm! But there are lots of expatriates and tourists on the island so when you get time off work you'll be able to hangout with people who are in the same boat (i.e. foreigners of the place).

Seychellois are always up for hangouts and having fun so don't hesitate to mingle with locals.  Although I would advise you to not be too generous.  The Seychellois on Praslin are generally very friendly.  But like any other country, there are nice people and then there are those you need to avoid.

Hi sjleitner!
Seychelles is one word to Paradise and the heaven on the earth.
once u come here u will feel it.



HI guys,

I'll most likely be moving to Seychells in the next couple of months on work. I;ll be based in Mahe, from the sound of it .. it looks like an off the hook place to start my new job. Before anyone asks I'll be coming in as an entertainer.

Hi everyone ! The new year seems to be bringing new people
to Seychelles that is great! We should all get together soon when we are all here would be good to meet up and get to know everyone !

Hi Celiap...

That's a brilliant idea.. lets  keep in touch via this blog. . and will keep you guys posted on my arrival date :)



I am an expat living and working in the Seychelles. Would be more than happy to help show people around etc...

Good to hear more people are coming I was starting to get a little bored!! :-)

HI Vickyf79,

Would love for you to show us around once we get there? Will hollar at you as soon as i get my behind over there :)

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