whats the best way to go Jeddah from Riyadh

Hola people,
I need tips on what is the best( cheapest) method to travel to jeddah from Riyadh? Also, reccos on good hotels there?


What are your constraints!



If you have a car and no time constraints then the cheapest way is to drive. No car then two options:
1. Bus
2. Bather Suk and get a lift in a car going to Jeddah.

If you have only time constraints then the best way is by plane!

I have only stayed in the Le Meridian in Jeddah so can only comment on that "It was very nice"

Try SAPTCO, they are the safest way by road, average 8 hours trip.

or the airlines, SaudiAir or NasAir

I imagine the average was 550 SAR for a two way ticket.

all the best.

If you book well ahead of time, you can find nas tickets for SR170

Thanks people! i am checking for next week now :) Will go to jeddah. Let me know if you have any tips for hotels or things to do there. I am keen on Scuba diving for sure. :)

FAL resort or DREAM resort are the two BEST in my opinion for diving in that area.

Thanks. these seem to be very expensive. Are they actually? What are generally the rates for Scuba diving? How does one go about it there? Do i necessarily have to go via the hotel that i am living in?

you dont HAVE to, but it is worth it.

iirc it was about a 400SAR weekend day to go to the resort, dive, eat and relax. not counting a room.

lol if you want to enjoy a speed ride and you are fed up of life go by Private cars
if you are in a hurry go by plan whatever airlines its just an hour !! and if you are going by air you need someone to drop you and pick you or you can pay Taxi.

Or Pay 155.SR to SAPTCO and be in Jeddah or Riyadh in 12 Hours

I dont suggest private busses but they are cheap 80-100.SR

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