Indians in Brunei

Hey Everyone,
I am moving to Brunei on 4th September. I wanted to know if there are any Indians in Brunei and also which localities do they live in....I would be moving in with my family soon and would really appreciate any piece of information.
Thanks in advance.

Hii....we are Indian family moving to Seria . I want to know about Indian community in Brunie . Many thanks


Hey Hi,
Congrats on your new job I presume. I am not staying in Seris, but i can tell u about the ovrrall Indian community in Brunei. Theres not much of an Indian community here but if you are from Tamil Nadu you might find lots of families from there. Apart from TN there are a very few punjabi families and few people from Kerala and some some from UP, mostly bachelors. If you ask about Indians living in a certain area then I havent come across any area as such.
If u need any more info please do lemme know.

Hi all -

can you guyz tell me about good locality to stay in the capital.
or any particular place where indians stay.


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