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Hello and greetings to everyone in Minsk. We may possibly be moving to Minsk sometime next year.  We would be bringing a dog and a cat.  Can anyone advise on what to expect?  Vets, pet shops, general attitude?  We have previously lived in the Balkans where it could sometimes be difficult with all the stray dogs and cats and a generally pet-unfriendly attitude.  So I'd like to know what to expect.  I do not need information about getting the pets there, my husband is a diplomat so we'll be able to sort that out.  I speak Russian so that's also not a problem.

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Проблем с домашними животными нет. Есть ограничение на количество. Не более двух домашних животных. Но его я думаю никто не соблюдает.)

[at]aleshki - Can you please write in english please on this Anglophone forum so that everybody can udnerstand? :)

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) Sorry Aurélie!


  Problems with pets do not. There is a limit to the number. No more than two pets. I think nobody observes.)

Sorry, I didn't want to cause a rift among contributors.  Aleshki, thank you for your reply, in Russian as well as English, as we have exactly TWO pets, this shouldn't be a problem.  I would still be grateful for input from pet owners.  I have done some internet searching and found vets and pet shops in Minsk so I feel a lot more comfortable about the move.  But how easy or difficult is it walking a dog?  Are they allowed in the public parks?  This question may seem silly to some, but in Croatia, for example, they are not allowed in some places, it is impossible to take them into restaurants or on public transport, most people are scared of them.  Even though in this case it is a small, crossbreed type of dog.  Further south in the Balkans, in Serbia and Macedonia, there are packs of stray dogs roaming the streets.  I get the impression that Belarus is much more ordered (for better or worse).  But in this respect I also have another query, which I will post on the "housing" forum.  How easy or difficult is it to rent a house with a garden in Minsk?  In my internet searches I only found flats (appartments) for rent.

I had a dog. Veterinary hospitals and pharmacies have. No problems. In the courtyards of the houses have the inscription, "dog walking is prohibited," but none of these requirements are not respected. In our country, this area is not developed. If there is a place for dogs, it will be very far away. Walk the dog everywhere. You can not go to the shops, the underground. We have a stray dog on the street.
For how long you want to rent a house near Minsk?

Thank you, Aleshki, this is actually very helpful.  I am trying to get a general feel of the place.  I was in Minsk as a foreign language student in the 1970s but I imagine it has changed a lot since then.  We would be looking to rent a house for the duration of my husband's diplomatic posting, so long term, about four years. All the appartments I found on the internet are short lets, with swish furniture, not what I am after at all.

I think that over the past 40 years, the city has changed beyond recognition!)
I think that for an apartment or house near Minsk for a long time will not be a problem. Let me know how I can help you so.

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