You moved to Germany? So, help us!

"Germany? Well, it's much more than sauerkraut and sausages! It's a great country to live in!"

You, expats in Germany, know well that it's possible to live and work in the country. Share your experience and tell us how you managed to get a visa, open a bank account, exchange your driving license, and everything you could inform us about!

Many people are desperately trying to find tips and advice about how to move to Germany. You can help them! Write a short article in the guide section! You don't need to write a novel. A short but well documented article will do! Give us links, good addresses, useful tips, anything will help!

Be original, avoid copy-pasting, and inform us about what you think future expatriates should know before starting their immigration procedures!

Still waiting for you people established in Germany :(
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